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About Lawrence Braun, Sculptor


Lawrence Braun, Sculptor is a unique sculpting business based in Loveland, Colorado. With over 50 years of experience, Larry Braun specializes in creating high-quality sculptures of his own design portraying the history and personalities of motorsports. The studio offers a variety of sculpting services, including limited edition  bronze and/or stainless-steel sculpture of Braun's designs, custom sculptures by commission, statues, and art installations. A sports car enthusiast from his youth, Larry has a deep passion for portraying automobile history through his sculptures. The studio is known for its focus on creating automotive-themed fine art bronzes related to the automotive industry and caters to automobile enthusiasts and collectors of automobile-themed art. Lawrence Braun is a charter member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society, an elite group of artists specializing in paintings and sculptures that celebrate the automobile.

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